Review: My Nightly Moisturizing Ritual with Juice Beauty, Whipped and Honest

Every night, just before bed, I am sure to put my body down well hydrated.

It is said that the skin absorbs about 65% of everything you out into it, meaning, almost everything you put onto you body, goes into your body. Because of this fact, I am sure to use only organic moistures, both, daily and nightly.

Now, the first step of hydration isa not the products pictured above, but water. Everyday, within a 24 hour period, I am sure to drink at least 2 liters of electrolyte enhanced water. I chose this sort of water since electrolytes  assist with hydration, even as the liquid is expelled from your body through sweat or urine.


  • I use the Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer ($36) as part of my 10 Step AM/PM Juice Beauty Regimen during the fall and winter months. I use an obscene amount of this on my face, neck, and décolleté just before bed, as well.
  • I use the Whipped After Shave ($10) on my bikini area, as it keeps the skin conditioned between waxes. I, sometimes, use their Bikini Butters for the same purpose but find the After Shave to be thinker and more soothing directly after a Brazilian. 
  • I use The Honest Company's Lip Balm ($10 for 3) generously throughout my day and, naturally, right before bed.
  • I use The Honest Company's Healing Balm ($13) every five minutes of the day, every day. I can't live without it. It keeps my hands moisturized without being greasy (after its east absorption) and helps my nails grow long and strong. Before bed, I am sure to lather up my hands and even my feet with it.

The number one ally to your skin will always be moisture and organic moisture is always best. There is no need for harsh and harmful chemicals in our lives and especially in our beauty routines. 

This nightly routine and all your nightly routines will matter most, since our bodies repair themselves during our sleep. When you awake, your skin will be supple and full of life.

[HINT] In the colder months, I don't wash my face in the mornings. Instead, I slather on more moisturizer, go about my day, and wash just before bed.

skinElisabeth Ovesen