My New Natural Nail Care Kit

My natural nail journey has really just begun. I have had many starts and stops over the years, and have had super toxic practices along the way. Now, I am trying something new, and hoping for the best results possible. After going in and out of acrylic and UV gel nails, I settled on UV gel polish for a while, during the time I was growing out those ugly ridges that fake nails tend to leave behind. My nails grew just fine, but after many month of using gel polish, my nails became paper-thin. Ugh! So, my next step was to trim my nails all the way down, and start all over again –– this time, with a strengthening trio by NailTek. I only used the highly toxic system for about six weeks before stopping and letting my nails breathe for about a week. During that week, I ordered everything I would need for my next step...


Butter London: 8-Free Treatment & Lacquers

I stopped by Butter London's website and snagged my new polishes, free of formaldehydeformaldehyde resinDBPtoluenecamphorethyl tosylamidexylene, and TPHP. Here's what I got:

  • Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat 

    • Horsetail Extract and Biotin promote healthy nail growth

    • Vitamin B and Calcium promote stronger nails

  • Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat

    • UV protection to lock in nail polish color and prevent fading

    • Quick-dry formula with glossy shine prevents chipping and smudging

  • Tea with the Queen Lacquer

    • Up to 10 day wear

    • Chip resistant – Shock Resistant Polymer Technology (Unique polymers that bind together to create elastic characteristics for long wear and chip resistance)

    • Dense Curved Brush Applicator (Hugs the nails for flawless application)

    • Gel-like cushion finish & shine – Radiant Curing (Hardens and dries with natural light)

    • Fade-resistant – UV Absorbers and Brightens – Diamond Powder

    • Protect, Smooth, and Strengthen – Bamboo Extract (Helps promote stronger nails and prevent breakage and peeling for healthier-looking nails)

Ella-Mila Soy Polish Remover

Next up, I thought it would be a smart idea to throw out my old school acetone nail polish remover. After all, it makes no sense to use a less toxic polish, only to remove it with an ultra-toxic remover. So, I scoured the internet for the best mom-toxic choices, and then, read a bunch of reviews on Amazon. I decided to try Ella-Mila.

The company also make polishes, treatments, and cosmetics, but my main interest was their Soy Nail Polish Remover. It comes in a very small, 4-ounce bottle for about $11, but is packaged very well, and has a very pleasant scent –– lavender, as you know, is my favorite scent.

Malva Belle Crystal File

Finally, I purchased a crystal file from Malva Belle, for about $7. I had totally forgotten about crystal files, until one of our members sent me a direct message on Instagram, showing off a beautiful crystal file she'd purchased from Sephora for about $27. My mother used crystal files back in the 80's, and I can't recall having seen one since then! Excited, I logged into Amazon and came across this file for a fraction of the price.

According to Allure Magazine"Glass files, also known as crystal files, regardless of how they are used, seal the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, preventing peeling and chipping. Traditional files should be used by filing in one direction only, but they rarely are, and filing in both directions causes the layers of keratin to shred, leaving the edge thinner and more prone to peeling and chipping. Another bonus is that glass files can be sanitized and sterilized. And they're great for professional use—given the number of jobs we do, there is less waste."

Well, let's see how these new products help me stay on my natural, less toxic nail journey! I'm actually very excited about this leg of the journey, and I am expecting phenomenal results. More nail care posts are bound to be on the way!

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