Moisturizing Natural Nails

About a month ago, I removed my UV Gels nails and have vowed to keep them off as I do my darndest to stay away from toxic chemicals. Over at the Living Blog, I have shared this journey and how The Honest Company  has been a major part of our family's chemical transformation.


Well, now, I have found another amazing side effect of using my Honest Healing Balm  -- strong, moisturized nails that grow and grow!

Naturally, after removing the UV Gels, my natural nails were damaged and I am still in the process of growing out the damaged areas –– this may take another month or so. In the interim, I am being patient and doing the following: 

  • Trimming and filing nails as they grow, to remove the weakened, thinner nail. I am experiencing a little bit of peeling and breaks, which is natural after removing artificial nails. I am sure to file with a soft filing board and not the coarse sandpaper kind. Also, I only file in one direction; back and forth movement is known to tear the nail and defeats the purpose.

  • Moisturize nails, cuticle, and hand, often.  This is where the Healing Balm comes in. I am obsessed with this stuff! I'm pretty sure I have some sort of low-level OCD and spend a good portion of my day washing my hands with Honest Hand Soap, which means my hands are often dry. This gives me an excuse to use the Healing Balm many, many times a day! I pay special attention to my nails and cuticles, making sure they are well moisturized, which is one of the many things that help nails grow!

  • Protect nails with a base coat. Now,  I haven't had a chance to grab a natural nail polish, but I have that on my list of things to do this weekend. So, expect a post about that next week. In the interim, I'm using the usual OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. I prefer a base coat versus a top coat because it's thinner and I can add a coat every other day without removing the preexisting coat. This is important because nail polish remover also removes the nails natural oils, drying out the nail bed, which is the opposite of what needs to happen for nails to grow with minimal breakage. At most, I remove the coats of polish once a week.


[HINT] Apply the base coat over a well-oiled nail to help lock in moisture.

I have only just started my journey and I have such a long way to go! I'm excited, though, and I'll be sure to keep you guys posted! 

Elisabeth Ovesen