Our Dirt, Oil, and Water Facial Routine

Every year, I like to switch up my external beauty routines and, as the years have progressed, I've yearned for less and, as they say, less is more. I am gone from a ten step daily routine to just a few steps––inexpensive steps, at that! At nearly 38 years old, I would rather spend less time and money on my face. Though my daily upkeep and beauty are still very important to me (especially since I still get carded for alcohol and even my man's cigarettes), I began to look for more natural and inexpensive ways to keep myself looking young and fresh-faced. This post is all about that routine.

Every Sunday:

End the weekend and start the week with a mini facial. The first step to that facial is a mud mask, using Monty Clay. Depending on what your face needs that week, mix the dry clay powder with a variety of ingredients, such as:

  • water

  • warm milk and honey (moisturizing)

  • water and apple cider vinegar (get rid of pimples)

  • warm peppermint tea, steeped in water or milk (soothing)

  • warm black chai tea, steeped in water or milk (energizing)

The list goes on. There is absolutely nothing you can't add to this clay to make it your own. A recent customer told me she mixed it with matcha powder and Sake! Literally, you can do whatever you want.

This mask dries in about 15 minutes and after about 25 minutes, you will feel you skin tightening like crazy. Remove the mask about 15 to 30 minutes after applying. To do that, I recommend using a dark color wash cloth, soaked in hot water. Use the hot washcloth to soften, then remove the mask, before washing your skin with facial cleanser and exfoliating sponge. However, wash your face very gently; your face will be sensitive and it might even be red. But, don't worry! That's just the blood circulating closely underneath the skin, and that's exactly what you want!

After washing, spray your face with rose water, a natural toner. When that dries, moisturize your skin with 5 to 7 drops of avocado oil.

Monday Thru Saturday:

During the rest of the week, my facial routine is all about oil and water. I don't wear makeup most often, except for the occasional mascara and blush. So, at the end of the day, I simply apply a hot washcloth to my face, removing oil and dirt from the day. Immediately afterward, I apply 5 to 7 drops of avocado oil to my face, neck, and décolletage. I reapply the oil as needed throughout the day. That's it!

If you wear lots of makeup, first of all, why? Second of all, are you using clean make-up? Because you should be.

Anyway, if you are wearing a full face of makeup, steam it off with your dark colored washcloth, then cleanse with your facial cleanser, using your hands. Or, why not try the oil cleansing method in which, instead of using soap, you slather your face with oil, then steam off with a hot washcloth. You don't want to exfoliate too much, because skin that it too clean can actually cause breakouts.

Beautiful shin starts from within, and the products we use on the outside should be natural and inexpensive. Try our Facial Self Care Kit. It will last you anywhere from 4 to 6 months and change your skin, for sure.

Good luck, gorgeous!



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