I Tried 'Youth to the People' and Here's What Happened


I have been using Juice Beauty for over a decade, and have found great success with their line when my skin needs something more than the DOW Method. Still, as my skin ages, I want to be able to support it with more nutrients and active ingredients , so I’m trying a couple other lines on for size. First up is Youth for the People.

I wanted to love this line, after stalking it for the better part of a year, but the fact of the matter is that it’s just not clean enough for my skin, causing me to breakout. Also, I am taking into account that my skin is very accustomed to just one particular line of products, or no product at all, so my skin could just be very sensitive. The cleanest of the products in the mini kit is the facial oil; the rest rank about a 4 at the Cosmetics Database. This isn’t bad, but it’s also not great.

Overall, I think it’s worth a try. Everyone’s skin is different, and yours might love it. But for now, I’ll stick to Juice Beauty and pass this kit along to my son.

UPDATE: These products made my son breakout, as well. So…it’s a no from me, dawg.

beautyElisabeth Ovesen