How to Use Lavender Oil for Gorgeous Skin

Yesterday's Witch Hazel post got a lot of attention online and on our Instagram feed. One of the most common mentions was about our readers using the scented versions of Witch Hazel. While it's true that the added floral scent may sooth the senses, many Witch Hazel brands, as well as most other scented products, do not use essential oils in their formula. Instead, they use chemical fragrances and this is the exact opposite of what we want in our products, especially a natural, plant-derived product like Witch Hazel! Therefore, we recommend purchasing scent-free products when possible and adding your own aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils, like my personal favorite –– lavender.


Lavender Oil Benefits:

A quick search of the benefits of lavender essential oil with unveil a plethora of medical, beauty, and home uses. Lavender oil is versatile and is one of my favorite scented oils, so I add drops of it in my hair and skin products, like Witch Hazel! Here's what this magic oil can do:

  • Helps treat acne with antiseptic properties
  • Helps treat eczema by reducing itching and other symptoms and adding moisture 
  • Detoxifies skin with powerful antioxidant properties
  • Tones skin by boosting circulation, helping to supply oxygen and nutrition to skin cells

So, put a few drops in your Witch Hazel, or even in a spray bottle filled with water. Add it to your facial cleanser and moisturizing oil, like avocado or sweet almond oil. And, by all means, stay away from scented products that do not list essential oils as an ingredient.