Henna Color Lab: Herbal Hair Repair


When I first found Henna Color Lab, I was (naturally) most interested in their henna, which is perfectly fine, though it is not my favorite way to color my hair. The issue with the color is that the directions suggest you not keep your hair away from oils for the first week after coloring. Given my hair type, I ma not able to abide by this, and the henna's color faded from my hair almost immediately. However, something magical happened...

My hair was left soft, super manageable, and extra shiny! That's because Henna Color Lab adds their organic, Ayurvedic mix of ancient herbs to their henna, and not only that –– they sell this treatment separately, without the additional of color! So, when it was time for me to deep treat my hair, again, I ordered HCL's deep conditioning powder. 

Using this treatment is super simple:

  1. Wash your hair (I use HCL's tea tree and peppermint clarifying shampoo)

  2. Pour powder into large mixing bowl

  3. Add hot water until mixture is the consistency of thick pudding or mud

  4. Separate hair into 4-6 sections

  5. Wear gloves (I prefer tall, yellow kitchen gloves)

  6. Apply mixture with hands (an application brush will only make the process tedious)

  7. Let sit for 2 hours

  8. Wash, condition, and style as usual

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