12 Tips for Gorgeous Skin: Tip 10: Have a Secret Weapon

My Love of Oils:

My secret weapon is oil––lots and lots of oil. It started with Tarte's Maracuja Oil ($47 for 1.7 ounces) and now, I am using a much less expensive Avocado oil with Vitamin E ($10 for 4 ounces), which I purchase at Whole Foods. But, you can find it much cheaper at VitaCost.

Whether oil cleansing or moisturizing, it is my love of (and addiction to) oils that helps keep my skin bright, pliable, and soft. Avocado oil, in particular has specific benefits for skin and hair that are just perfect for me. So, I pour this oil into a dropper bottle and use 7 drops several times a day on my face, neck, and décolletage.

If I don't do anything else to my face all day, I feel and look stunning just by using this oil. Maybe this can be your secret weapon, too!

skinElisabeth Ovesen