Growing Natural Nails

So, here we are.

I've survived a few breaks and I'm dealing with a split in one nail but so, far, so good. I'm still wearing gel polish but, next week, I will switch over to Cal-Gel. The gel polish just isn't strong enough to support my nails as they grow longer and the Cal-Gel will do that for me. I am getting splits from hitting my nails against things and bending them. There should be no bending with Cal-Gel.

I am still using The Honest Company's Healing Balm to keep my hands, nails, and cuticles moisturized, organically, and keeping them shaped with a very soft file.

It's been quite  journey but I am so happy to have ditched UV Gels and other extensions, just as I have with my hair. Feeling more and more like a real girl every day!

Elisabeth Ovesen