Gel Polish for Natural Nails


For this year's Fourth Quarter Clean Up, I have been working on cleaning up my damaged nail beds!

I am in my third month of wearing my natural nails after removing my UV Gels. On my quest to live a healthier, more natural life, I removed my nail extensions and wore began growing out my nails, moisturizing them with Honest's Healing Balm all throughout the day, everyday. I also paid close attention to the natural rips and chips that occurred along the way –– an expected side effect caused by the ridges left behind after wearing false nails, acrylics or UV Gels for over 15 years.

Fifteen years!

Anyway, here I am, still on my, natural nail journey. I have, finally, grown out all the damaged nail bed and have filed my nails all the way back for a healthy, even start. My nails are protected with a gel polish, which will keep them safe over the next few weeks while they continue to grow.

Now, this is where the real fun begins!

Elisabeth Ovesen