Fix Your Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

What You'll Need:

  • tea bag

  • scissors

  • soft file

  • coarse file

  • base coat

  • top coat

  • colored polish (optional)

What to Do:

  1. Cut open and empty tea bag

  2. Cut bag into strips as wide as your broken nail(s)

  3. Coat nail(s) with base coat

  4. Lay strip on nail, cover half the nail

  5. Press and smooth strip into base coat until dry

  6. File edges of nail with soft file, in a downward motion, until excess paper has detached

  7. File top of nail and paper, lightly with soft file

  8. Cover with colored polish and/or top coat

  9. Let dry fully before resuming usual activities


This version is a quick fix and will not save your nail forever. Some people use nail glue instead of base coat and I can only imagine this version would last a lot longer, though it may make the nail dry and brittle. A good in-between option may be a hard polish like Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails or something similar.

Elisabeth Ovesen