Review: Exfoliating Gloves


Every Makeover Month, I recommend this product and I will recommend these forever.

Exfoliating gloves.

I have been using these every single day for years during every shower and bath. Seriously, I have not touched a washcloth in friggin’ years and, when you make the switch from washcloths to exfoliating gloves, you will realize how unclean you have been this entire time.


The idea came to me during my visit to a Korean spa. There, they laid me out on a table and scrubbed my body with milk and exfoliating gloves. There were several other ladies in the spa, all of us naked, all of us being scrubbed. When I rose from the table, I saw the ground was littered with dead skin, which the Korean spa attendants (dressed in nothing but bras and panties)  flushed with water, down the drains in the floor.

First, I thought, this is fucking gross. Then, I thought, wait a minute! This is kind of awesome! I went to my local drug store and bought my own set of gloves and I have been using them ever since. 

This exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells that gather everyday, trapping dirt and oils, causing dull skin, darkening, and breakouts. Exfoliating is recommended before waxing and shaving, as well, to assure better hair removal. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, feet, underarms, bottom, and bikini area. These are often problem areas for roughness and darkening and exfoliating can help with that.

At about $5.00 or less, exfoliating gloves are an inexpensive way to change your skin’s health and appearance after just one use!

Happy scrubbing!

skinElisabeth Ovesen