Cleaning Out the Blush Cupboard


I’ll be honest with you -- it will take a really long time to actually clean out my blush “cupboard.” If I had to choose one makeup item to apply every day, it would be blush. Previously, I would have claimed my “I’d die without you” product as mascara, but I like to give my lashes a break. I have plenty of entirely makeup-free days, but when I’m going for something minimal, it usually consists of foundation, eyebrows, and a bit of blush. 

I’m going to focus on six blush items and slowly work my way through the rest of my products. So let’s see what I should keep and what I should dispose of, shall we?

  1. My Steve Laurant “Rose All Day” blush is one of my go-tos, but the second listed ingredient is talc, which, according to the Cosmetics Database has high concerns for contamination and moderate concerns for “organ system toxicity (non-reproductive).” The blush also contains mineral oil, which has the same organ system toxicity concern. Verdict? I wouldn’t recommend this product based on those two ingredients, but I will keep this for myself.

  2. I rock Kaleido Cosmetics’ Skin Blush in “Prom Queen” about three times a week. The package claims to be “cruelty free no matter what,” and I am stoked to discover that it really is. All of the ingredients are familiar and pass the Cosmetics Database test. With ingredients like oryza sativa, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) extract, (sweet almond seed oil, apple, and thyme, extract, I feel comfortable saying Verdict? Keep.

  3. I’m very excited that The Balm’s Alternative Rock eye shadow and blush checks out in the trusty Cosmetic Database. I had low hopes, maybe because The Balm’s product reminds me of Benefit Cosmetics. Regardless, the first ten ingredients all check out and it makes me want to invest in the full palate instead of just the blush and shadow combo. Verdict? Keep.

  4. The second ingredient in Essence’s Satin Touch Blush is talc, which presents contamination concerns as well as organ system toxicity concerns. However, the rest of the main ingredients check out and this is an inexpensive and simple blush with a nice color for my skin type. Verdict? Keep.

  5. I’ll admit that I love the idea of Laritzy Cosmetics’ Fine Dew Pot, but feel like it’s relatively ineffective. I tend to pair it with a dose of highlighter for a bit of shine and a low amount of pink color. It’s cute and I like the idea of a “dew pot,” but could find next to nothing about the ingredients. Verdict? Don’t keep.

  6. The most loved one in the bunch is my Mineral Simplicity Warmth Powder. This is a loose powder that simply looks clean. The ingredients are actually listed directly on the container and every single one of them checks out as little to no hazard in the Cosmetics Database. Verdict? Absolutely keep.

I have thoroughly enjoyed going through my makeup and hope you all have enjoyed it as well! Look forward to plenty of more in the future!

beautyJessica Tholmer