Brazilian Waxing: How Much Does it Hurt?

The Pain:

Let's get right to it. What you want to know is how much does it hurt? Well, no one can explain the sensation of a full Brazilian wax, or any wax for that matter; it's just one of those things you just have to feel for yourself. I know that isn't very comforting, but it's true and here's why:

Everyone's Hair is Different:

Some of us have very thick and/or very course pubic hair. This kind of hair will be more stubborn and will most likely hurt a little more when being ripped from the root.

Everyone's Skin is Also Different:

 Some of us have very sensitive skin with sensitive nerve endings underneath. People who feel pain at the slightest pinch will probably have a hard time with this sort of waxing, or waxing in general.

It May Not Be Painless, But It's Quick:

As a mother, I compare everything to the pain of childbirth. I was in labor for fifty-one hours before I had my son, and if I can make it through that, I can make it through five minutes of a waxing. That's my barometer and it works for me. So, if you're a mom who made it through the pain of contractions every five minutes and especially if you went through the pain and stress of a vaginal birth, you can handle a Brazilian. Trust me.

Whether or not you've been through childbirth, here is something my Grandmother always said to us growing up, when my cousins or I got a scraped knee or fell and bumped our head: "It ain't gonna kill you." I seriously say this to  myself whenever I have to face a painful situation, whether physical or emotional. It's not going to kill me and that's all I need to know. I can handle anything, as long as I'm still alive at the end of it and, even though you may think it will, Brazilian waxing will not kill you. I promise.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Waxed:

Every salon and aesthetician is different and many of them are terrible at their jobs. Before you spread eagle for a stranger with a hot vat of wax, be sure this person isn't going to ruin your life forever.

  • I recommend going to a skincare salon that mostly or only deals with hair removal. Do not go to your local nail or hair salon. You know, the ones with the mysterious rooms in the back for waxing? That's just not the right place for this procedure. I don't care what anyone says. A full service spa or salon with reputable aestheticians is okay, however.

  • Call and ensure your waxer is using a new vat of wax that will be discarded after your appointment, as well as new depressors. What you do not want is for your aesthetician to use the same vat of wax he or she used on countless women and men before you.

  • Call and ensure your waxer is using 100% cotton muslin strips to remove the hair. This will give you a cleaner removal and will negate the need to go over the same area, twice. One swipe will be enough!

  • Your aesthetician's table should be covered in a disposal cover, like at the doctor's office. You want to know that you're not laying your bare butt where many other women and men have laid theirs.

  • Before making an appointment, YELP! Read the reviews of the customers who have been to the salon you're considering and find out which aesthetician is the best!

In Conclusion:

Just do it. It takes five minutes and it won't kill you. My waxer doesn't make me put my legs in the air or twist me in weird positions to access the hair. I believe this helps me to bear down and anchor myself when she pulls away the muslin. But, no matter what position you're in, brace yourself for each swipe.

Some say that taking a couple Advil or Tylenol beforehand makes it easier, and that women should beware not to wax when on their periods or when their periods are near, because the skin is more sensitive around this time. Also, your first time or two may be a little rough, but over time, the hair grows back finer and becomes easier to remove, making the experience less and less painful.

Visit your waxer when the hair is about 1 inch in length. The longer the hair, the more painful the experience. In the above video, my hair was entirely too long. My aesthetician likes to work on it when it's long but it hurts more. So, I won't be doing that, again!

Summer is coming and other than laser removal, waxing is the perfect way to get ready for swimsuit season and to avoid nasty, ugly razor bumps and burns. Let me know in the comments what your waxing experiences have been and let's try to encourage other women to give it a try!

skinElisabeth Ovesen