Cleaning Out the Blush Cupboard

I’ll be honest with you -- it will take a really long time to actually clean out my blush “cupboard.” If I had to choose one makeup item to apply every day, it would be blush. Previously, I would have claimed my “I’d die without you” product as mascara, but I like to give my lashes a break. I have plenty of entirely makeup-free days, but when I’m going for something minimal, it usually consists of foundation, eyebrows, and a bit of blush. 

I’m going to focus on six blush items and slowly work my way through the rest of my products. So let’s see what I should keep and what I should dispose of, shall we?

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Jessica Tholmer
Cleaning Out The Lipstick Cupboard

As someone who is new to The G3, I am starting to really hone in on products that are good (or not-so-good )to use on my face and body. A big makeup purge is something that we can all benefit from on occasion, and though I am not ready to completely toss out everything I own, I thought it would be a fun learning experiment to slowly go through and research each of my favorite go-to lip products in an effort to replace them with products that are clean, healthy and, as frequently as possible, woman-owned. 

Using the wonderful EWG Cosmetics Database, let’s eliminate some of my favorite lip products. I’m a big fan of lip stuff -- everything from the cheapest quick Lipsmacker (I’m a sucker for the holiday flavors, even as an adult) and Chapstick, to much more expensive products like lip mattes from high-end makeup brands. My favorite shades are anything deep red, though I do play around with lavenders, mauves, and pinks. 

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beautyJessica Tholmer
The Best Kind of Marshmallow is Definitely Not Mighty Marshmallow

After a long day, it’s incredibly refreshing to pour a cup of tea, put on a face mask, and truly relax. (Ideally -- no phone, no screens, just your thoughts.)

Skin care has been a major conversation piece for the past few years, and as a result, there are an abundance of face masks out there. Depending on your skin type and what you need or desire, you can certainly find a go-to.

But may we suggest “Mighty Marshmallow” by Bliss?

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beautyJessica Tholmer
3 Ways to Preserve Your Skin's Collagen

Collagen peptides have been a staple in my morning routine for nearly a year, and its affects have been visible in my skin, hair, and nails, as well as my digestive tract. Every morning, I add it to my Morning Milk, and it can also be added to anything and everything, from a plain glass of water to juices, smoothies, desserts, and meals. It's no secret that we lose our natural collagen as we get older, but do you know how? Do you know all the habits and practices that deplete our collagen and how to preserve or reverse that depletion? Here are 3 main culprits of collagen depletion and how you can safeguard against them.

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beautyElisabeth Ovesen