You Need to Get Your Glasses at Warby Parker

In a past not that long ago, buying glasses was terrifying. One trip to your local Lens Crafters could easily leave you in a $600 to $800 deficit, if you didn't have insurance. And, if you did have insurance, chances are, the frames you really, really wanted wouldn't be covered. What wouldbe covered, however, were those Sophia Petrillo frames, left over from The Golden Girls wardrobe department. So, because of all this, I hadn't bought a new pair of glasses in over 5 years. That's how tuned off I have been by the experience. But, now, everything has changed!


Warby Parker is almost too good to be true. Their pricing is upfront and accessible, and it includes shipping, taxes, anti glare and anti scratch coating.


So, during an All-Day Mall Day (an indulgent self-care day at the mall with my best girlfriend, which lasted 8 hours), I stopped by a Warby Parker store, picked out my new frames, handed over my prescription, was quickly measured for the right fit, and paid just $95 for everything. And all of this, right on the showroom floor, and within 20 minutes.

One week later, my new glasses arrived in my mailbox.

On top of the extreme convince, Warby Parker's packaging is phenomenal. The navy blue and bright teal color combination made me feel as if I was opening a gift, and those endorphins made me want to order another pair!

Now, that's brilliant marketing.

Here's what else –– if you don't live near a Warby Parker store, you can choose a few frames online, and they will send them to you to try! Once you find the frame you like, send the frames back, let them know which one you like, supply your prescription, and they will send you back your chosen pair, fast and for a fair price!

Warby Parker is for gorgeous, brilliant girls who understand that quality doesn't have to come at a crazy cost if you shop smart. We all love luxury brands, and just as it's perfectly alright to purchase $1,000 sunglasses (Bvlgari got me a few times), it's just as acceptable to spend $95 on simple, beautiful frames.

It's called balance.

bath & bodyElisabeth Ovesen