Review: The Honest Company: Organic Baby Powder

Here is Something I Bet You Didn't Know...

That baby powder you've been using all your life, that stuff your mother used on you as a kid––that stuff is bad for you.

Most baby powders contain talc, which has been linked to cancer. The natural form of talcum powder contains asbestos. Since the 1970's the talc we use at home has supposedly been asbestos-free, however, studies are still being made and are always changing. Those of us who would rather not take chances, use talc-free alternatives.

Here's What I Love About Honest's Baby Powder...

This product:

  • is talc-free
  • is USDA certified organic
  • is cornstarch based for absorption
  • contains kaolin clay for absorption
  • contains soothing aloe vera
  • contains antibacterial arrowroot powder
  • contains probiotics  for PH balance

Try this product and everything else The Honest Company makes in its quest to help you make and keep your family healthier. Order your FREE trial bundle today!

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