Schmidt's Toothpastes Are Non-toxic and Effective

We talk about Schmidt's products, including their toothpastes, very often on our bi-weekly live stream and on Instagram. So, I was surprised when I realized there wasn't a blog post about Schmidt's toothpaste on the site! it is!


Toothpaste Flavors:

Schmidt's Naturals now has 5 toothpaste flavors:

  • Activate Charcoal w/ Wondermint

  • Wondermint

  • Vanilla Chai

  • Coconut + Lime

  • Jasmine + Spearmint

You can purchase a 5-pack of full size tubes, or a 5-pack of travel size tubes. Learn more about Schmidt's, their standards, and commitment to healthy and nontoxic bath and body, and while you're there, pick up a natural deodorant! They're my favorite.

And be sure to use our promo code THEG3 for free shipping!