Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium Review & Giveaway

We're all big fans of Schmidt's Natural Deodorant here at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide –– that's no secret. But when the fine folks at Schmidt's began promoting their new formula and described it as smelling like rain, I was skeptical. I needed someone to explain to me how charcoal plus magnesium equals rain. I needed to get my hands on this new deodorant. So, I contacted Schmidt's.

And Holy Moly It Smells Like Rain!

I mean...just like rain! Charcoal and Magnesium has a light scent reminiscent of that smell that happens right after the rain has washed the world clean. As with all the other Schmidt's Natural Deodorant formulas, it is highly effective and safe. I hate to pick favorites with this company because I enjoy all their scents, but this is my newest favorite –– until the next favorite.

Let's Get to the Giveaway!

For our 9th Annual Makeover Month, we're giving away a 5-Pack of Schmidt's signature scents to one lucky winner. Here's how to enter:

  1. Order Schmidt's new Charcoal & Magnesium natural deodorant (or one of their many other scents)
  2. Use promo code THEG3 to receive free shipping upon checkout
  3. Send proof of purchase via private message to our Instagram account (@karrineandco)

We will announce the winner on Instagram next Monday, April 10th.

Good luck!


The products in this review were sponsored by Schmidt's Natural Deodorant because, well, I asked them. I asked them because I genuinely love and appreciate this product and have found it effective for my whole family, which includes a very funky 19 year old young man. I am not paid for any reviews or posts.

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