Review: The Honest Company: Organic Shave Oil

I suppose I bought this Organic Shave Oil from The Honest Company as a gift for my husband and wound up commandeering it. Sounds about right.

When using Honest's body wash, I notice I don't get the best shave, and though I love the wash, I do miss having the moisturizing components one might find in a more toxic body wash, such as one made by Dove, for instance. So, it's nice to have this organic shave oil to use while in the shower, to help achieve the best, closest shave possible.

It's rich, emollient, and gets the job done, leaving my skin smooth and supple, nourished and healthy. I might even let my husband use it one day!

Free Honest Trial:

If you aren't a member over at The Honest Company, dip your toes into this organic poo of goodness with a free trial. I recommend you start with the Essentials Bundle. Enjoy!