Review: The Honest Company: Bergamot Sage Deodorant Spray


Those of us who love The Honest Company have been waiting patiently for their first stab at a clean, all natural deodorant and finally, it's here!

Naturally, I had to be one of the first to try their new Bergamot Sage deodorant spray and after 3 weeks, I am happy to report that it works! It works! It works!

I wasn't sure about the scent before ordering the spray. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to smell like bergamot or sage, much less a mixture of them both. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the light, noninvasive scent.

The spray is cooling, refreshing, and made with certified organic ingredients. As with all deodorants, you may want to wait a bit after shaving before applying. Personally, I like to coat my armpits with a bit of Honest's Organic Baby Powder before applying this spray after shaving/waxing.

Sign up for a free sample pack from The Honest Company and if you like what you've tried, order this deodorant and any of their other natural and organic products for home, bath, body, or baby.


After being convinced of the power of this deodorant, I decided it was time to test it on my seventeen year old son––the Mecca of funk. I am happy to report that this deodorant keeps even him smelling fresh all throughout the day!

This was a huge moment for me as a health conscious parent because his deodorant was the one thing that was still poisonous, as I hadn't found anything strong enough to battle that special brand of funk all growing boys seem to have. Now, I can have a good-smelling kid without fear of poisoning his bloodstream with regular store bought deodorants and anti-perspirants. 

bath & bodyElisabeth Ovesen