Review: The Honest Company: Bath & Body Essentials


Holy cow, my life is changed, forever!

I received my second bundle shipment from The Honest Company about two weeks ago and I am in love with the products I chose. 


Here's What I Got:


Here's How I Liked Them:

I'm amazed at how well the products work. The Toothpaste doesn't have any icky stuff, including fluoride, and has a slight mint taste.

The lip balms are light and moisturizing and full of organic oils my lips love. 

I use the Body Oil and the Lotion together and my skin feels well moisturized throughout the day.

The Body Wash doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, nor does the Hand Soap, which has an clean lemon grass scent derived from lemon grass oil.

I am addicted to the USDA certified organic Healing Balm and use it to moisturize my hands and elbows throughout the day.  Originally meant for baby bottoms at diaper time, the natural oils in this balm protects and heals skin anywhere on the body.

And, Jessica's book, The Honest Life, is educational and fun with everything you need to know to get you started in a new, honest way of living. Food, babies, clothes, decor, you name it, it's all in there. 



I am really enjoying switching my toxic products out for non-toxic ones and I feel good about treating myself and my family better.  

It's never too late to live a better life. 

For my next shipment, I have chosen more home cleaning and kitchen products and I have my eye on The Honest Company's vitamins, for my kid and for me.



Just visit The Honest Company using this link, sign up, and get your FREE trial size bundle of Honest products.  If you're as concerned about the chemicals in the products we use that have been proven to cause cancers and an array of other issues, if you're interested in living a cleaner, longer life and giving that gift to your children, visit The Honest Company, today.