Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste


I might be obsessed with toothpaste. In fact, I have my eye on Uncle Harry’s remineralizing and alkalizing line of tooth and mouth care, made to help heal cities, reverse enamel loss, and more. But, while I’m still doing research on ol’ Uncle Harry, I picked up a super goth tube of Hello’s activated charcoal toothpaste, with mint and coconut oil.

And the answer is, yes!

I love this toothpaste, so far. The first thing I look for in a charcoal toothpaste is the color, and the blacker the better! Some charcoal toothpastes are gray, with very little charcoal, and that’s just not gonna do it for me.

This toothpaste is as black as its packaging.

There’s lots of charcoal but no gritty feeling –– that’s important, too. It’s also important that the formula is thick enough to reduce black splatter, and this toothpaste does that very well. Every toothpaste you use should be fluoride-free, and this formula covers that. The mint is refreshing and all, but that added coconut oil is important for cleaning teeth and purifying under the gum line.

Now, let’s see how well it does with the whitening!