Review: Dollar Shave Club: It's Not Just For Men

About ten years ago, I stopped used razors marketed to women. At the time, "lady razors" were more expensive than those for men and didn't give me the close, clean shave I sought. Being a mixture of Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Danish, and French, my parents and their parents conspired to make me one of the hairiest women I know. My hair is thick and plentiful, from my head to my toes, and while this is a plus for the hair on my head, it doesn't do me nay favors anywhere else. As for my perineal area, I enjoy a monthly Brazilian wax. I prefer to have my underarms waxes, as well, but sometimes, my wardrobe does not allow me to wait the six to eight weeks it takes to grow that hair long enough to be waxed, especially in the warmer months. The same goes for my legs, and I find myself shaving them, not being able to allow them to become covered with my thick, dark hair in between waxes. So, in my quest for the perfect razor, I switched to mean's razors.

Why I Did It:

The switch just made more sense. I found female razors to be lacking. They never shaved me as close as I wanted and their angled handle design created a force of motion that caused nicks and irritation. I figured, if men's razors are designed for a super close shave on one of the most sensitive areas skin, the face, then it would do wonders for my legs. I was right. The switch saved me money and my legs were less irritated and more closely shaven.

Then, Something Changed:

I'm sure you have noticed that somewhere along the way, the price of razors skyrocketed. Why, I will never understand. Gillette's Mach 3 razor blade refills can cost up to $30.00 for just ten, and those are refills, not complete razor kits. So, buying razors have become painful over the years for this reason and I found myself stalling to buy them, or settling on cheaper options that ruined my skin.

So, I tried Something New:

I noticed a few shave clubs popping up on the internet and read a few business articles about their formation, marketing, and infrastructure. They were all marketing to men and their having needs. Dollar Shave Club is one of the most popular clubs on the market and, after refusing to buy razors at my local drug store for over a month, and with a shag carpet growing on my legs, I decided to give them a try.

I ordered the Executive razor package for just $9.00 every month, or every two months, depending on my preference. The kit came with a refillable handle and four refill cartridges. Each has six stainless steel blades. This is the club's most expensive package, with others for $1.00 and $6.00, depending on your razor preference.

The Results:

The Executive razor is just what you would expect it to be. It delivers a clean, close shave with no irritation. I set my account for delivery every two months, since I do like to give my legs a break from shaving every other week. I do still have my legs waxed maybe twice a year, but find shaving to be best when I need that on-demand smoothness.

Click here to try Dollar Shave Club, today. You'll save time and lots of money, while getting the shave you deserve. No pink razors necessary.