All Natural Scent Layering with Lavender

I am obsessed with lavender; it is my favorite scent and one of my favorite flowers, whether soaking in it, slathering it on my skin, or drinking it. But for the purposes of this post, I'll focus on its calming, alluring scent, and how to capture that scent and make it last all day, making perfume obsolete.


The Lavender Bath:

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a hot bath, and when you add the naturally calming qualities of lavender, a hot bath becomes more than that –– it becomes a healing place where nothing that has come before it matters, nor anything that will come after. Achieving this effect is made simple with the addition of all-natural lavender bath salts and lavender soap.

These lavender salts can be found on The G3 Store, and the lavender and sage soap is by Schmidt's Naturals. Be sure when ordering from Schmidt's that you use our promo code THEG3 for the pleasure of free shipping.


The Lavender Deodorant:

After a nice, long soak and scrubbing up with all that natural lavender goodness, treat yourself to Schmidt's Natural's Lavender  Tips. I have done nothing but rave about this natural deodorant and all their scents, which I proudly own, including the Lavender + Sage, which would also work nicely in this scent layering scheme. Purchase these, along with their soap, and use promo code THEG3 for free shipping.


The Lavender Skin Conditioners:

Lastly, it's time to slather an extra layer of lavender not your skin. This requires Honest Company's Lavender Face and Body Lotion, as well as their Organic Body Oil. If you're new to the Honest Company, you can order a free trial before you commit to larger sizes.

Now, hop on over to VitaCost and grab a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil from Aura Cacia. Next, add 10 to 20 drops of the lavender essential oil to your organic body oil to make a wonderfully lavender scented oil. Mix your new scented oil with the lavender scented lotion and your skin will smell like a field of lavender flowers.


Now that you have lavender essential oil, you can basically put it in everything without a scent or with a light, non competing scent. I add it to my Honest shampoo and conditioner, as well as their hand soap –– all of which are lavender scented but could use a boost. For the skin benefits of lavender oil, see our previous post.

bath & bodyElisabeth Ovesen