Adding Plants to Your Decor

And what a difference these Royal Palms made! Also known as Majestic Palms, they are pretty simple to take care of. Once at home in their pots, I watered them until their soil was completed soaked through, and water drained into their dishes. In the day, they receive a good mount of direct sunlight and are able to stay warm. I trimmed any brown edges from their leaves, and removed any dust. Now, these palms will hang out in their new home, and I won't have to water them, again, until their soil is dry.

Thanks to YouTube, learning how to take care of your particular plants is easier than ever. Each plant needs specific water, light, and feeding schedules and types. You can't just water them and leave them, or stick them in the sun or in the shade without knowing what your plant likes and needs. So, just Google it, read an article or two, and watch some videos. Learn about your new plant and treat her right!

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