Our Mission:

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide thrives on a very simple concept: women want to be beautiful for as long as they can. Before women think about their health, they tend to think about their looks. Oftentimes, however, many women fail to realize the two are forever interwoven, one never existing without the other. So, we had an idea. What if we focused on beauty by focusing on health, piquing the interests of women wanting ways to preserve their beauty and helping them do it the healthiest way possible! 

Our Belief:

We believe that beauty stems from every facet of your health: emotional, physical, mental, dietary, financial, familial, social, and environmental. The way we think, what we eat and drink, the chemicals in our surroundings, our rest, work, and play, all contribute to the way we look and feel. So, here at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, we strive to incorporate these facets in our blogs, online meet-ups, advice, mentorships, retreats, and reviews. As a growing brand, we also believe it is important to include and listen to our members, so suggestions and comments are always welcomed and encouraged.

Our Objective:

It is our goal to educate and introduce an underserved segment of the female population to the seeds of education that will send them on a course of inquiry and further learning. The Gorgeous Girl's Guide is strives to give affordable, healthy solutions to all women of all backgrounds and circumstances.