The Gorgeous Girl's Guide provides an online personal development curriculum and community curated to help women of industry live their very best, most beautiful lives. Founded in 2013, by New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and empowerment coach, Elisabeth Ovesen, (nom de plum Karrine Steffans) we are an international community of women focused on overall personal and professional betterment.

What We Do:

Here, we believe that beauty is a lifestyle, not a product. We honor ourselves with daily rituals that feed our minds and our bodies with positivity and vitality. We do only what we love and take self-care to an all-high. Here, we set goals and we crush them. We get shit done! We focus our minds and master ourselves. Here, at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide –– we thrive.

How We Do It:

Each month, we focus on a course instruction developed by our founder, previously tested at the university level. Each module is designed to strengthen our focuses and beliefs, while creating healthy habits and insight. Supporting these practices are a plentitude of blog posts, printables, video guides, and webinars. To help guide each member, we provide access to coaches and clinicians, and well as full access to the rest of our community. Also, each year, we plan and provide two wellness retreats to help our member repair and prepare.

When to Join:

We recently changed our seasonal enrollment practices and now, due to popular demand, we accept new members year-round. You are urged to join when the spirit moves you, and jump right in to our blog posts and curriculum.

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What to Expect:

Each month, as a member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, you will gain access to, not only our informative website and member tribe, but also, discounted courses, worksheets, and webinars. Stay with us for a full year, and experience what we call The One-Year Shift. It is our goal to help you achieve and live your very best, most beautiful life. So, within this year, you can expect to:

  • Create cleaner dietary practices
  • Improve and challenge your daily habits
  • Balance your personal, professional, and educational responsibilities with better ease
  • Learn how to obtain and maintain your peace
  • Learn to use efficient guided responses, versus hurried reactions
  • Release expectations and disappointment
  • Increase your credit scores
  • Reduce spending
  • Save money
  • Clear emotional, energetic, and physical clutter

​Developed for members of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide and tested at the university level as a series of lectures and workshops, The Gorgeous Girl's Guide Practices are a significant part of what we call, The G3 Method –– a philosophy and way of life proven to breed success in our members. To help support these courses, The Gorgeous Girl's Guide offers:

  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Personal & Professional Guidance
  • Access to Licensed Mental & Physical Health Professionals
  • Supportive International Member Tribe
  • Organic & Natural Self Care Products
  • Product Reviews & Recommendations
  • Special Promotional Codes
  • Recurring Monthly Webinars
  • Special Webinar Events
  • In-Person Meet-Ups and Events
  • Bi-Yearly Retreats
  • Planner and Worksheet Printables

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