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The Gorgeous Girl's Guide
The Gorgeous Girl's Guide
Because beauty is a lifestyle, not a product.

About the G3 Method

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide has a way about itself, and that way now has a name –– The G3 Method. Because of feedback from members like you, we are confident that the way we do things around here works, and our methodology is a sure fired way to help make your life better, easier, and more gorgeous.

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Getting Started

No matter when you join The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, you will fit right in with the rest of our members. One of your very first steps will be to check our agenda, so that you never miss an event, and so that you know which course or tutorial we're all working on this month. All courses can be found in The G3 School.

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Try Us On For Size

The G3 Method is all about the betterment of our members. This system took years to perfect and the results are life-long. Our methodology focuses on obtainable goals and comprehensive organization and compartmentalization. It supports your interests with informative articles, and offers healthy and affordable food, beverage, and product recommendations that every woman can implement.


Nothing But Benefits

Everything about The G3 Method is designed to help you improve the aspects of your life that contribute to your beauty. That means being productive, daily betterment, a constant stream of gains, improved health and focus, plus, members of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide offer a tribe of women to support you on your journey.


Consistent Practice

Every day, you will work the system. There will be no days off! You will practice The G3 Method day and night with simple self-care tasks, and then, special added tasks each week. Finally, you will take one of our courses every month to round out the method and solidify a new, healthy way of thinking and being.


Because You Care About Beauty

It's oftentimes difficult to find the encouragement and edification you need. Social media is a mine field of negative commentary and the glorification of ignorance. It's easy to be distracted by the garbage online and on television, and even easier to allow all of that to keep you off track. The G3 Method is here to help keep you focused on you, your goals, and your journey to accomplishing them.


Give It a Year, Gorgeous

Change doesn't happen overnight. You'll need to practice, and then, practice the practice! The G3 Method is a yearlong program, and even though you will begin to see changes almost immediately, we want you to stick in there for the year. Healthy changes need time to become healthy habits, and a little more time to become second nature.


The G3 School

The G3 School offers courses and tutorials that, when implemented, work toward for greater good of The G3 Method. We're big on self care, here at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, and each one of our courses and tutorials is all about helping you do, feel, and be better. New courses and tutorials will be added in 2018.

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